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Moisturized hands are healthy hands! Hand creams and lotions help for keep your hands soft after manual work or if you wash them frequently. So, to help you keep your hands healthy, soft and keep your skin from cracking explore the DMI range today!

Airmedica Protect Hand Cream 50ml

The biggest question you may have is; Isn't a hand cream and a lotion basically the same thing? And yes, it has the same function but it differs in its contents.

Hand lotion has a higher water content compared to hand creams and is considered to be light and non-greasy. While hand creams have a 50-50 (usually) ratio of water to oil content. They are thicker than lotions and allow the skin to be super hydrated for a long time.

Therefore we would recommend using hand creams for people with dry skin or who work with their hands a lot, for example, mechanics. While lotions would be better for the likes of dentists or doctors who wear gloves quite often but need to have a quick-drying moisturiser.