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Shop DMI for an excellent range of quality stools from brands that you can trust such as Bambach and Tronwind. We offer great prices and quick delivery dates.

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Tronwind Microfibre Leather Nurses Stool
Tronwind Microfibre Leather Doctors Stool
Bambach Standard Leather Saddle Stool
only at€477.95
Bambach Standard Vinyl Saddle Stool
Bambach Vinyl Cutaway Saddle Stool
Bambach Vinyl Saddle Seat - Large
Bambach Vinyl Saddle Seat - Small


Leather substitutes and faux leathers like vinyl have come a long way since their first invention in the 1960s. Both leather and vinyl are very durable materials that will last for years without noticeable signs of wear and tear unless they are ripped by sharp objects. So what are the main differences?

Vinyl Chairs

Vinyl furniture does crack over time, however it is more durable, UV-fade stain-resistant and of medical grade. They are easy to clean with wet wipes and alcohol disinfectants. These stools meet the sterile requirement that is needed in dental clinics, doctor clinics, tattoo parlours and beauty clinics.

The vinyl is of medical-grade, is breathable and has a soft feel to it. These can come in virtually any colour, style and pattern you want to match the aesthetic of your workplace or home office.

Leather Chairs

These leather chairs are made from genuine leather which allows them to last a long time and age with 'grace'. At first, they may feel stiff due to the newness of the leather but over time become comfortable. However, these are not medically approved for clinics as they cannot be cleaned with the correct disinfectants. The leather chairs can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap as they are naturally stain-resistant.

The leather is soft, comes in a range of colours to fit the style of your office or reception.