DMI Adult Safety Glasses Red Frame

Code: DMI-1024-1

Code: DMI-1024-1
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DMI Adult Safety Glasses

These glasses are made of sturdy plastic that can withstand being dropped and small particles. They come in four variations, three with clear lenses and different frames and one with a red lens. The red lens glasses are with UV protection making them perfect for working with curing lights.

All of these safety glasses are ideal for dentists, nail technicians, pedicurists, DIY projects, as well as arts and crafts.

Why are DMI safety glasses great?

These glasses are sturdy, easy to clean and ideal for various working conditions, from dentists to mechanics and everything in between. The safety glasses  come with or without UV protection which allows them to be safely used with curing lights. They are made from rigid plastic and have anti-scratch and anti-fog properties. They also have side lenses so you can be sure that nothing will hit your eye from the side or underneath the glasses.

Product Information

  • Adult safety glasses
  • With or without UV protection
  • Sold as singles


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