W&H TG-98L Synea Fusion Fibre Optic Handpiece TG-98L

Code: W&H-30001000

Code: W&H-30001000
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  • This handpiece combines user comfort with a wondrous performance at a good price.
  • It has a large LED illumination range with LED+ and a small head allowing for the best view and access to the treatment area.
  • It is also quiet due to the ceramic ball bearings allowing for a quiet and vibration-free operation.
  • A secure grip and easy bur changes are allowed due to the push-button chuck system.
  • Thermo washer disinfectable sterilizable and an RQ coupling system.

  • Quattro Spray
  • Head size Ø 11,5mm
  • Power consumption:19 Watts
  • 360,000 rpm
  • FG burs Ø 1.6 mm for bur lengths up to 25mm


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