Ivoclar Vivadent Optrasculpt & Optrasculpt Pad System Kit

Code: IVOC-683066AN


Code: IVOC-683066AN
Availability: Available

OptraSculpt® and OptraSculpt Pad are contouring instruments suitable for the non-stick shaping and contouring of surfaces. They are especially designed to shape unpolymerized sculptable composites in direct restorative treatments and to contour and smoothen paste-like laboratory composites.

The contouring and shaping of state-of-the-art high-quality dental composites is a challenging task. Thanks to their non-stick coating, the OptraSculpt attachments provide remedy since no instrument marks are left on the material.
Special attachment shapes are available to minimize the risk of air entrapments in the composite during application. Ultimately, a homogeneous surface design is a prerequisite to achieve esthetic results.
Optrasculpt for the posterior region -
Ball - Adaption of composites
Pointed Tip - Professional contouring of fissures
Chisel - Contouring of proximal marginal ridges

OptraSculpt Pad - Homogeneous adaptation in the anterior region.

Kit contains - 1x Instrument single-ended, 1x Instrument double-ended, 1x Refill pads 4mm (60), 1x Refill modelling tips ball (20), 1x Refill modelling tips chisel (20) 1x Refill modelling tips pointed tip (20)


 Optrasculpt Pad

• Foam pad attachments for non-stick, smooth surface contouring 

• Two pad sizes for efficient contouring of direct veneers and large-surface class III and IV restorations 

• Reference scale on the instrument handle for recording the axis alignment and the width of the anterior teeth 

• Optimum working angle for the anterior region


• Three attachment shapes for the professional creation of natural tooth anatomy: ball, pointed tip, chisel 

• Optimum working angle for the posterior region 

• Hygienic storage container for easy access to attachments


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