Curaprox PTFE Floss Tape - 35m Single

Code: CURA-DF820

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Curaprox PFTE Dental Floss Tape ‹

Shop the range of our Curaprox Dental Floss! This is a super-resistant, smooth and remarkably effective dental floss that will get into the small crevices possible, even into ones that the CPS 06 Interdental brushes can't fit in. It even slides through contact points with little to no resistance.

Why is  Curaprox PFTE Dental Floss Tape ‹ so great?

This  PFTE floss tape ‹ is so smooth and tear-resistant due to the PFTE coating, It even slides through the front teeth with ease and it can be useful for implant care due to  the fleecy thread. In some cases, the Curaprox PFTE Dental Floss Tape ‹ is better than an interdental brush.

Product Description:

  • 35m Long
  • For particularly tight gaps, for example between the front teeth
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • Due to its PTFE coating, it slides particularly easily through the contact points.


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