Curaprox Waxed Floss with Mint - 50m Single

Code: CURA-DF834


RRP: €5.59

Curaprox Waxed Floss

The wax  gives two very important attributes to the floss. One is that the floss slides with no resistance between teeth and secondly it makes it easy to handle which in turn reduces the risk of injury. The dental floss has a mint taste that leaves your mouth fresh.

Why is Curaprox Waxed Floss so great?

The dental floss is easy to use and cleans aways even in the smallest of spaces, for example, in the meeting points of teeth or even between the front teeth which are always the hardest to clean. The mint flavour keeps the mouth clean and feeling fresh for a long time. It is also perfect for using around implants due to the fleecy thread.

Product description

  • 50m
  • It's wax coating makes for easy control
  • For particularly tight gaps


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