Coltene Hysolate Latex Dental Dam: Green - Medium - 152 x 152mm (36)

Code: COLT-60034419


RRP: €26.31

HySolate Latex Dental Dam from Coltene is made of pure, natural rubber latex and is powder free, Powder free, low protein Dental Dam is a simple and clever measure to reduce the risk of developing latex hypersensitivity.
HySolate Dental Dam is available in a comprehensive variety of colours, sizes and thicknesses, The lighter colours have the advantage of naturally illuminating the operating field whereas the darker colours can help with visual contrast.

  • Powder free, low protein latex dam reduces the risk of developing latex hypersensitivity.
  • Increased visibility on the treatment site through isolation.
  • Acts as an infection control barrier.
  • Creates a dry operating field.
  • Reduces the risk of the patient aspirating or swallowing instruments, debris, medicaments or irrigation solutions.
  • Contents
  • Pack of 36 x 152 x 152mm Green HySolate Latex Dental Dam sheets - Medium


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