Meisinger Micro Screw System Screw Mss10 12mm

Code: MEIS-MSS10120

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RRP: €222.16

Meisinger Micro Screw System Screw MSS10 12mm

The Bone Management® Micros Screw System are used for the safe fixation and stabilisation of cortical bone grafts. Especially the contained osteosynthesis screws, which we created in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Khoury, make this system to something very special. These Micro Screws are made of a special surgical implant steel and ensure that bone plates can be fixed securely, despite their reduced diameter of 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm. The Micro Screw System as well as the Micro Screw System Basic can be used for vertical, horizontal and three-dimensional bone augmentation of different defect sizes.


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