VaryFlex VFT Taper NiTi Sterile Variable Rotary File 31mm S2

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VaryFlex VFT Taper NiTi Sterile Variable Taper Rotary File

Size - 31mm, Length: S2

For Greater Control. Predictable Outcomes. First time, every time.

Niti Nickel Titanium | Sterile Blister Packed | Proprietary Heat Treated | Trademark 11mm Shank | Controlled Memory

THE ALTERNATIVE TO: ProTaper® Gold, EdgeTaper Platinum™

VaryFlex Taper (VFT) files to help GDPs perform safe and predictable root canal treatment, first time, every time.

A 11mm shank provides more control, improving both access and accuracy during treatment. Available in a range of different sizes, and with our state-of-the-art flexible alloy, this is a great all-round system that can easily navigate even severely curved root canals without deformation or file fractures. Thanks to our intuitive design, these files operate much more smoothly than other leading file systems, with less ‘grab’. This system is easy to work with - simply follow each file to working length and the ideal shape is created. Also available within this system is the VFT SX, which has been specifically designed to remove dentine in the coronal part of the root canal. This allows for improved access and enables subsequent instrumentation to work more effectively.   The SX file is manufactured in 19mm lengths only, to allow easy access even in the most restricted clinical situations.

Created in the UK by Endoperfection, the VaryFlex range includes 8 different rotary file systems. Whether you’re looking for constant tapers, traditional tapers, a reciprocating file, or smaller files to work with very curved canals, there’s a VaryFlex system to suit your needs and preferred shaping methods. Each system includes an extensive range of sizes and lengths. In addition, our files are high quality, but low cost, helping you to carry out root canal treatments safely and efficiently.


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