W&H WG-56 LT synea Fusion Contra-Angle WG-56 LT

Code: WH-30009000

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RRP: €530.00

  • The Synea Fusion line assures quality and excellent service life.
  • The ceramic ball bearings allow for long life and quiet work time.
  • The small head and the compact glass rod for allows for the best view and constant light quality.
  • The optimised monobloc design has a secure grip, easy bur changes and it's easy to clean. It has an integrated spray filter that provides top water quality.
  • It's thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable.

  • Contra-angle handpiece 1:1
  • Single spray
  • Head size Ø 9.5 mm
  • Push-button chuck
  • For contra-angle bur with Ø 2.35mm
  • Compact glass rod


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