Plasma Air Purifier Q7 - Large

Code: WOOD-Q7L


RRP: €698.00

Reduce the threat of air borne viruses in your dental practice with the new high pressure plasma air purifier from Woodpecker.

Enjoy safe, clean fresh air in your surgery while protecting the health of your patients and staff.

The Woodpecker air purifier is proven to kill greater than 99.97% of the H3N2 Influenza virus within one hour. It can filter air particles as small as 14 nanometres (0.0146 µm) in size. The novel coronavirus is ten times larger than this so will be effectively filtered out of the air by this device.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses high pressure electrostatic technology and 20 to 40kV of electricity to capture and kill 99.9% of bacteria and influenza viruses.
  • Efficiently removes germs, pollen, mites, dust, smoke and all airborne odours.
  • No maintenance costs. Does not require replaceable HEPA filters. The electrode is washable.
  • High precision air quality sensor monitors and displays quality of air in room.
  • Low noise “ Maximum 60dB
  • Sleek, modern design with four wind speed levels. Programmable timer.

Two models to choose from. The Q3 is suitable for small rooms up to 300sq feet and processes 350 cubic metres of air per hour. The Q7 is for larger rooms up to 1,100sq feet and processes 850 cubic metres per hour.

Woodpecker Q3/Q7 Air Purifier:  


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